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Mo Lee

I gained about 20 kgs (44 lbs) after moved to US from Korea.
I was super skinny before!!! Back in the time, I was only weighing 48 kgs (106 lbs) so you can guess how skinny I was few years ago.

When I visited my family in Korea this March, my mom and brothers were making fun of me because I got super fat. They all remember how skinny I was so they got shocked....
I was also shocked by their reactions too, and it made me decide to start 'Korean Medicine Diet' eventually.

Few of my friends recommended to me that method already. It was very expensive to buy 3-months-package (3 packs a day - 6 boxes!!) and had hard time to bring them over to US. I had to buy another carrier bag to just carry those.

However, the result has been.....awesome!!!!!! The price for 3 months package was little more than $1,000 but it's totally worthy.

The package is including 2 different medicines.
- 3 days detoxing package (you can only eat vegetables during these 3 days)
- 3 months regular package (you can eat food normally, but no caffeine / no alcohol)

So far, I've lost 6.7 kgs (15 lbs) total. I started it at the end of March so it's been about 2 and a half months.
The pictures above --> Left: End of March. Just before starting the medicine / Right: This morning. May 18th

I've experienced -

1. Loss of appetite
2. Thirst
3. Metabolism boost

Basically, it makes your body burn fat faster and eat less food.
I mean.... you can't get fat with know lol

I feel like cheating with this magic potion but it works so well.... :D

Of course you have to put effort with the medicine too -
- No skipping. Always take 3 packs a day
- If you really want to drink coffee or alcohol, skip one pack and drink
- Watch your food. Less greasy food / less fried food / less instant food / less carbs. Your appetite will drop anyway but you have to be careful too
- Exercise if you can. You don't have to exercise too much because it will burn your fat anyway. But it will be better for you to exercise to maintain your body after the medicine is done.

If anyone is interested, I can give you more information!!! I'm not doing any promotion for them. It's just my pure experiences ;)