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It's been a year since I decided to embark on a new journey in my life - to get healthy and fit. I remember waking up one day and just thought "I need to do something." But to be honest, I couldn't pin point what I needed to do. It wasn't till then that it hit me...I NEEDED TO LOSE WEIGHT. I've always been a big girl growing up so it was something that I was comfortable, yet uncomfortable, with (if that makes sense). I first started off small. I started eating a little more healthy and walking every day at a local park for an hour. After a few months, I started to go to the gym (which I had a membership for a year already). As months passed, everyone saw a difference, except me. What encouraged me even more was at my old job, a few coworkers and I wanted to do The Biggest Loser challenge. Everyone put in $25 in a pool and whoever lost the most weight won. To my surprise, I WON! After that, it was more of losing weight little by little. I continued to watch what I ate, always finding healthier alternatives whenever I was craving anything starchy. I also changed my routine of workout. After meeting my personal trainer (I mean, my boyfriend lol), he taught me several exercises I can do at the gym - focusing on different parts of my body each day. I feel a lot stronger! After being on this journey for a year, I am proud to say I have lost 81 pounds! Friends have come up to me or messaged me saying that I inspired them to get healthy and fit and to be honest, it is such a humbling feeling. I'm glad that I can make a small impact on other people's lives. People ask me all the time what my goal is. At first, it was just to lose weight. But after being on this incredible journey for a year, I just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and hopefully continue to inspire others as well!

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Every year my job, Anaheim Regional Hospital, sponsors a great cause for the American Heart Association. They put on a huge event at the Angels Stadium called the OC Heart and Stroke walk. With the option of running a 5k.
I work in the Emergency Room and register many, many patients with heart problems and stroke symptoms. I see how serious these issues can be, even life threatening. It is one thing to see patients in this state everyday but once heart issues affect your loved ones it brings a whole different feeling.
This year January 25, 2016, my mom was diagnosed with CHF. The doctor told her she needed a defibrillator put in as soon as possible because her case was life threatening.
When I learned of the OC heart run I knew I had to participate and get my family to join me. I have done many, many runs. Running is my thing, after all. But this run was close to my heart... for my mom's heart.
The run was a great experience. It was the first run my boyfriend had participated in with me. It is also the first run my parents have been to watch me.
Although it was a lot of fun to run around the Angels Stadium, we were disappointed that we did not get to run in the stadium.
Next year I look forward to participating and sponsoring this cause again, but I also look forward to doing the walk with my mom.

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8.25 FL oz - 140 CAL - 20g protein

This is a great post workout drink, especially if you are starting out. It helps your body recover after strenuous exercise and helps build lean muscle. If you have never had protein shakes, this is a good one to try. Compared to most, the taste isn't bad and it is easy to drink. They have many different flavors. My favorite is cookies n' creme and vanilla.

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I usually work on pushups every other session. My goal is 25 per set in 6-7 months.

Session 2
5 x4

Session 3
7 x2
6 x2

Session 4
6 x4

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First day back at the gym after almost a year.

2.25 miles in 27 minutes
Lat pulldowns in increments of 12 at 25lbs x5
2 Pushups x2

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Unfortunately due to the depo shot, and simply being unmotivated, I've gained so much of my weight back to the point where i'd be upset trying on outfit for a night out, or even putting on jeans because they don't fit anymore lol. I've also been in a new relationship (well not so new.. more than ten months going), which means we eat out and drink every weekend. My boyfriend has sparked my newfound love for beer, specifically this cider/bluemoon mixture. In the past (let's say 2013-2014) it was easy for me to keep off the weight. People would often ask how I stayed so slim to which I responded "I sit on my ass all day and eat pizza, sushi and pad thai" lol, but sadly since the depo provera shot and alcohol consumption, that's just not an option anymore. Since i've become unhappy with my physically appearance again, I've decided to re-join my old gym. Anyone who is close to me knows how much I detest the gym, but because of the cold weather, I just know I won't be motivated to walk or run outside. I renewed my membership yesterday, and have been back three times. Counting calories via the myfitnesspal app was also a huge factor in my weight loss before, so perhaps i'll utilize that again, but sometimes it's just so time consuming especially when you're not eating packaged foods that you can simply scan. Anyhow, I'm going to attempt logging my daily workouts to see how consistent i'll stay lol.

Tuesday afternoon:
16 mins stairmaster
25 mins elliptical
15 mins treadmill
30 reps ab solo

Weds afternoon:
5 mins stairmaster
15 mins elliptical
10 mins bike
72 reps ab solo

Weds night
15 mins elliptical
5 mins stair master
39 reps ab solo
20 reps outer thigh machine


First Trail Run in the books!

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We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves! #yoga | #yogalife | #namaste | #letsgosomewhere | #alwayssf | #sanfrancisco | #mysanfrancisco

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One of the best hiking views during our trip to Hawaii! The first 15 minutes was rocky incline but it was smooth sailing from there. The view and weather was perfect and the itties ended the hike at Sandy's Beach.


First hike in Hawaii - Manua Falls. Pretty short but the end result was a great view. Luckily I wasn't attacked by mosquitos since we didn't bring any insect repellent.

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